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Surface pressure charts

Sometimes referred to as Weather Fax Charts

Surface Analysis and 5 day Surface Pressure Charts

These weather forecast charts are known as surface pressure forecast charts.

They show the forecast pressure and any frontal systems.

They were known in the past as Weather Fax Charts as they were distributed to Ships and other stations by Radio Fax and were drawn up at Bracknell.

Today these Surface Pressure Charts are forecast at Exeter weather pressure charts 10 day

The surface pressure charts are also sometimes known as Atlantic surface pressure charts, These charts give current synopsis, right through to 7 day forecast for surface pressure for the Atlantic and UK,Atlantic pressure charts 10 day

Surface Analysis and 5 day Fax Charts

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As flooding effects more and more of UK residents we will give you the help and information to limit the effects.

We aim to provide the latest warnings of severe weather, latest river levels and a forum so users can pass the latest news to each other.

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Use the weather rainfall radar to check current rainfall approaching. Check the visible cloud approaching and the weather rainfall stations to check how much rain has fallen today and in last hour. These can be found in Weather Latest.The river webcams are best seen during daylight. They provide the state of the rivers during heavy rain. These can be viewed in the river cam section.

Resources that you can use to predict possible flooding.

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Surface pressure charts are provided by the Met Office UK

The first charts aere current conditions and are the most updated

Check dates on charts as some are only sent out at certain times of the day, So the current one is the one for the time and date but smallest hour.

For instance 12z Sunday may have 2 charts 84 hoursband 96 hours

The 84 would be the latest, the other would be useful to see changes since on the chart

Surface pressure charts now

Atlantic pressure charts  day

Atlantic pressure charts 10 day

latest surface pressure charts

surface pressure charts next 24 hours

Next 24 hours

surface pressure charts next 24 hours

FORECAST + 36 hours

surface pressure charts 3 day

FORECAST + 48 hours

surface pressure charts 4 day

FORECAST + 60 hours

surface pressure charts 12 hour forecast

FORECAST + 72 hours

surface pressure charts 12 hour forecast

FORECAST + 84 hours

surface pressure charts 5 day

FORECAST + 96 hours

surface pressure charts 12 hour forecast

FORECAST + 120 hours

surface pressure charts 12 hour forecast

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Floodwarn would like to thank the Met Office ( Exeter ) for supplying the above 'Met Office Surface Pressure Charts

for users of this website to view

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Did you know that floods are one of the most deadly and damaging natural disasters to affect mankind!

Floodwarn is dedicated to reducing injuries, deaths, and property damage caused by floods. Reliable flood forecasting and early detection of flooding conditions are critical to effective local flood warnings. Using automated real-time forecast and monitoring systems we hope to get users aware of potential flooding in time to take action to limit the effects. The technologies, forecast and methods described at this site illustrate some of the capabilities which have evolved, resulting in many successful flood warnings and forecast partnerships.

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