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Weather Blogs

Please note these are expressions and opinions of the individuals and does not represent the opinion of their employers.

Derek Brockway

Derek Brockways weather forecast Wales Weather

Derek is a forecaster for Wales on BBC wales






Ian Fergusson blog

Ian Fergussons Weather Forecast

ian is a forecaster with the BBC southwest



Colin Pritchard Weather Forecast

Colin is the forecaster for Floodwarn



Peter Gibbs weather blog

Peter Gibbs weather forecast UK Weather

peter is a weather forecaster for BBc TV





Alex Deakin weather blog


Alex Deakin weather forecast UK Weather

Alex is currently a weather forecaster for the BBC





Laura Tobin weather blog

Laura Tobin weather forecast UK Weather






UK MET OFFICE weather forecast UK Weather

Weather forecast information from the Met office





Laura Gilchrist weather blog


Laura Gilchrist weather forecast UK Weather





Matt Taylor weather blog


Matt Taylor weather forecast UK Weather






Ben Rich weather forecast UK Weather




Chris Fawkes


Chris Fawkes weather forecast UK Weather




Matt Hugo weather forecast UK Weather





Liam Dutton weather blog

Liam Dutton weather forecast UK Weather




Paul Hudson weather blog


Paul Hudson weather forecast UK Weather








As flooding effects more and more of UK residents we will give you the help and information to limit the effects.

We aim to provide the latest warnings of severe weather, latest river levels and a forum so users can pass the latest news to each other.

In addition we have links to weather related sites and to companies offering the latest innovations to limit the effects of flooding.

We try to cover as many flood events as possible

Coastal and tidal flooding Surface flooding localized flooding River flooding Widespread flooding Landslips Disasters

Use the weather rainfall radar to check current rainfall approaching. Check the visible cloud approaching and the weather rainfall stations to check how much rain has fallen today and in last hour. These can be found in Weather Latest.The river webcam's are best seen during daylight. They provide the state of the rivers during heavy rain. These can be viewed in the river cam section.

Resources that you can use to predict possible flooding.


Floodwarn has opportunities for low cost advertising or sponsor

Floodwarn is provided completely free but the costs of running and hosting this site are not free. It is really appreciated that some users donate towards the running of the site and we have added a donate button to make this easier.




We provide the following free services - Weather forum for extreme weather that could cause flooding within the UK. Reports and links regarding flooding, latest river levels and weather forecast latest information. We link to river webcam's, mostly river webcam's from other web sites. We have a flood forum, where users can keep everyone informed of the latest river levels and submit pictures. We link too reputable companies that supply flood products. We offer flood help and advice. The weather warnings are issued by The UK Meteorological office. Its all here - flood prevention, flood warnings and flood alerts for flooding anywhere in the UK. The Wales, England and Northern Ireland flood warnings are issued by the Environment Agency and in Scotland by SEPA

Mission statement: To protect by providing information and weather data sources to inform members of the public and UK emergency response services and resources.

Before attempting to make your home flood resilient always seek professional advice.

Winter Snow reports

The floodwarn tropical storm hurricane centre is here